All Risk® Pediatric Triage Tags

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All Risk® Pediatric Triage Tags

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With Dual Wristbands
The added benefit of 2 bar-coded wristbands: Provides one wristband for the patient and one for the parent or guardian. This triage tag also features a JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage prompter on the back.

Key Features:
► Waterproof / Blood Proof
► Bar Code for Tracking & Property ID
► Evidence Identification
► Presence of Contamination
► Primary & Secondary Decon
► Blast Injury Indicator
► Tourniquet Applied
► Airway Management (OPA/NPA)
► GCS Indicator
► Known Allergies Area
► JumpSTART Triage Prompter
► Dual Wristbands

• 50 Tags Per Pack

NOTE: Florida Version uses the term “EXPECTANT” rather than “MORGUE”



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