TagEvac Evacuation System

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TagEvac Evacuation System

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Included in Quick Start Package:

  • Wall Mount
  • Tag Stations
  • 1 Yellow Control Board
  • Dymo Label Maker and Control
  • Board Wall Mount Holder

TagEvac is a revolutionary management system designed to help ensure buildings are adequately evacuated in an emergency situation. Using the sweep method of evacuation, TagEvac provides a fast and reliable method to checking ‘designated’ zones within any building or group of buildings are clear following an evacuation, without the need for time consuming roll calls.

TagEvac’s Modular System consists of a Tag station with magnetic tags – at least one should be in a fixed position within each designated evacuation zone, and a central tag control board. Other options are available to suit individual requirements.

In an emergency evacuation, a designated fire warden will check each zone to ensure no persons are within the zone. Once confident the zone is clear, the fire warden will then remove the TAG from the zone’s designated ‘TAG Station’ and take it to the incident control point. The Tag is then placed on the central tag control board to indicate that the zone has been checked.

Each zone is colour coded and has a unique reference to help remove any confusion during the evacuation process. The clear information panels within the Tag control board enables fire wardens/marshals and Fire & Rescue Services to instantly identify which areas of the building have been cleared in ‘real time’ helping them to prioritise their actions accordingly.

The system is easy to set up, simple to use, easy to train staff on and has zero maintenance costs. Once TagEvac is set up, it’s easy to alter to meet your changing needs.

For organisations who need that little bit extra, we can work with you to develop a custom built TagEvac system to fit with your specific evacuation management process whether it be in a single site or across multiple locations.

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