Do You Need Emergency Evacuation Devices In Your Facility

In emergencies, preparedness is crucial. One of such steps is acquiring emergency evacuation devices. Now, you might be puzzled that you don’t have physically impaired employees. So, how about your customers? That asides, in a crisis, fear brims. As such, the chances are that one of your occupants might sprain

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Ensuring That Your Evacuation Plans Works- What You Should Do

Ensuring That Your Emergency Evacuation Plans Work: What You Should Do You’re only an entrepreneur, and understandably, you designed a below-par emergency evacuation plan. However, lives are at risk here. Fortunately, you can make corrections and appropriate an adequate emergency evacuation plan. How so?   Let’s show you. The 5-point

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Can You Stay Ahead Of Emergency Evacuation

Yes, you can! Even now, you bang your chest boldly that you already have a plan in place: the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). But is that enough? You are familiar with football – aren’t you? In football, teams have EAPs too. Often, it appears all cute on whiteboards (e.g., a

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