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Newborn Baby Mover Apron


The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation apron that can be used to evacuate up to three babies with a total weight of up to 60 lb in the event of fire, flooding or other emergencies from buildings and danger zones.

To wear, just slip the apron over your head and get started

To easily negotiate stairs or similar obstacles

To retrieve babies from the danger zone within seconds

  • Newborn Baby Mover
  • Newborn Baby Mover
  • Newborn Baby Mover


  • Designed for the easy and safe EVACUATION of PREMATURE and newborn babies in the event of FIRE or EMERGENCY.
  • The Newborn Baby Mover is designed to carry 3 newborns/infants to safety in an emergency. Each pocket can hold up to 13 pounds.
  • There is a mesh panel around face/head for maximum air flow.
  • Apron is ergonomically designed for rescuers comfort.
  • Each pocket has securing straps to hold baby in place.


  • Mesh panel around head/face for maximum air flow
  • approved Quality
  • Fire resistant
  • Reinforced seams
  • Solid workmanship
  • Securing straps on each pocket to keep baby safe
  • Up to 3 babies can be evacuated at the same time
  • Designed for up to 42 lb total weight (14 lbs per pocket)
  • Hands free to open doors, make an emergency call
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