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Roccoshield Seclusion Mattress


The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation apron that can be used to evacuate up to three babies with a total weight of up to 60 lb in the event of fire, flooding or other emergencies from buildings and danger zones.
  • Roccoshield Seclusion Mattress
  • Roccoshield Seclusion Mattress
  • Roccoshield Seclusion Mattress
  • Roccoshield Seclusion Mattress
  • Roccoshield Seclusion Mattress


The RoccoShield block mattress is a tear-resistant and anti-vandal mattress for the seclusion and crisis room. The mattress is completely free of seams due to welded technology. So this is a suitable tool when a patient may demonstrate aggressive behaviour. Or when the patient might be suicide watch. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort.

By combining the mattress with appropriate anti-tear clothing and bedding, you can ensure that the patient or inmate is in a more “normal” environment. This can be de-escalating. With a height of 40 cm, the mattress can also be used to sit on, making it appear less like the patient or inmate is lying on the floor.

Pros and cons:

  • Due to its height, the mattress can also be used a seat
  • A seclusion mattress and bed frame in one
  • No hard parts in the core of the mattress
  • Seams are not visible to ensure extra safety
  • RoccoShield mattresses are completely welded for extra hygiene
  • Can be used in the most extreme environments
  • PVC avoids liquid penetration, but doesn't absorb body fluids (Tip: place a tear resistant blanket on top of the mattress for extra comfort)

Humanise the seclusion room

Working with stiff and unfriendly materials can be escalating if a patient or detainee experiences a meltdown. That’s why you can now choose materials that are a perfect match between comfort, softness and extreme safety.

Combine with tear resistant bedding & clothing

  • Anti-tear gowns are often used as clothing in crisis or seclusion rooms.
  • Quilted blankets made of extreme strong, tear-resistant but a soft fabric provide much-needed warmth and comfort.
  • A complete equipment of anti-tear materials for the seclusion room ensure a safe environment.
  • Discover the strength and softness of Tetcon's anti-tear materials.

Where do you use the seclusion mattress?

→ Police-cells
→ Psychiatric facilities
→ Behavioural health
→ Prisons & detention facilities

Size: Block model: 90x200x40 cm

Inner: foam
Outside fabric: PVC

Weight: Foam: 33-37 kg/m3
PVC-fabric: 650 gram/m2



The welding technique ensures that the seclusion mattress is completely sealed. As a result, seams are not visible, so you can provide the best protection for the patient or inmate. The outer cover around the mattress is made with a FluidStop technique. This is a PVC fabric that is extremely strong and prevents moisture from entering the mattress. This also makes the mattress easy to clean. The fabric and foam core are also fire retardant.

A water resistant seclusion mattress with a welded construction

Every RoccoShield mattress is equipped with a FluidStop cover. The smooth properties of the FluidStop allow you to clean the mattress cover quickly and easily. It also prevents liquid penetration. Cleaning is thus easily done with a disinfectant spray and a wipe.

No visible seams

A visible seam on a separation mattress can be eliciting. Often glued or stitched seams are not well protected against extremely complex behavior (e.g., aggressive tearing). Therefore, you can now use mattresses without visible seams because they are welded. In doing so, you take safety in your facility to the next level.

High tear resistance

The PVC cover that surrounds the mattress has a high tear strength: 270 Newton. It has been tested according to DIN53356.

Fire retardant

Both the foam core and the outer cover meet strict fire retardancy requirements.


The Dutch government recommends to provide an isolation cell with a mattress with a washable mattress cover for extra hygiene. This RoccoShield mattress helps you meet this standard.

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