Yes, you can! Even now, you bang your chest boldly that you already have a plan in place: the Emergency Action Plan (EAP). But is that enough? In this blog, we will tal about the emergency evacuation and how can you stay ahead of this. 

You are familiar with football – aren’t you? In football, teams have EAPs too. Often, it appears all cute on whiteboards (e.g., a 4-4-2 or a 3-4-1-2). But do formations win a football match?  Do players scramble across the field with hopes only on hyphenated numbers without training? No!

In the same vein, EAPs as mere outlays won’t matter much in emergency evacuations. Indeed, they appear ready-to-use on paper. However, your facility needs more than paper talks. You need Emergency Response Training!

What is Emergency Response Training?

Regardless of your sector, your business requires staff. These are your foot soldiers.

As with typical foot soldiers, your workforce is the first to receive the backlash of any crisis. For that reason, the success of your EAPs hinges on their active involvement. This point is where Emergency Response Training (ERT) comes in!

ERTs are crisis management training. In these series, your staff (responders) receive specific guides on implementing the contents of your EAPs.

Here, individuals learn their specific duties as facility occupants to ensure the safety of lives and properties. The specifics include:

  • What to do,
  • When to act, and
  • How to act

Now you know what the training entails, what can you expect from it?

How Does Emergency Response Training Help You Stay Ahead Of Crisis?

Provides Confidence Boost

Emergencies would make you forget any plans within seconds. How won’t you when you see live explosions/inferno just a few meters away from you? How about workplace violence with furniture flying around?

In essence, mere plans won’t hold water because you would be scared at the instant of any crisis.

With ERTs, the case is different. First, you only have to master a minute part in a much larger plan.

Second, you’re not alone. Other responders are simultaneously performing their duties at the same as yours. Like a team of superheroes saving the world!

Doesn’t that send bolts of confidence down your body?

Right Use Of Safety Equipment

Another component of your confidence is the mastering of crisis aversion tools. With ERTs, you will go through a practical experience of handling safety equipment. Not only that, you’d learn what tool to use, in what situation, and at what time & quantity.

On the other hand, lack of ERTs could result in more hazard for all. Take fire extinguishers as an example. They expunge different kinds of fire.

Unfortunately, EAPs won’t tell you that. Worse: If you mistakenly apply the wrong fire extinguisher, it’d mean adding fuel to the fire so you wanted to quench.

Capacity Building

When you equip your staff with ERTs, you automatically improve them as individuals. Now, they have the confidence to save their co-workers from crises.

More importantly, your workforce can spread the knowledge received in their respective communities. Think about it: that’s an added skill for them.

In the long run, employees will recognize your efforts and develop a sense of belonging. The best part: productivity improves, and your profit will receive a boost.

So, you see, ERTs are a win-win for all the parties involved. Compared to EAPs, ERTs help you stay further ahead of emergency evacuations. Advanced Egress Solutions meets the requirements for NYC Emergency Management Partners in Preparedness Program. Visit us today!

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