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Bariatric S-CAPEPOD


The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation apron that can be used to evacuate up to three babies with a total weight of up to 60 lb in the event of fire, flooding or other emergencies from buildings and danger zones.
  • Bariatric S-CAPEPOD
  • Bariatric S-CAPEPOD
  • Bariatric S-CAPEPOD
  • Evacuation Sledge For Bariatric Individuals S-CAPEPOD


Why do you need an evacuation device for bariatric patients?

  • You cannot simply lift someone out of bed – that’s too heavy.
  • Transferring a bariatric patient onto a portable evacuation device takes too much time in an emergency.
  • The bariatric beds are often too wide to push it through the narrow doors.
  • You need to be prepared for the vertical evacuation.

What’s the philosophy behind the device?

In case of an emergency evacuation, it should be your number one priority to get bedridden patients out of the building. Especially when patients have a bariatric size, they cannot do this alone. Care workers and staff will need to help. Without an evacuation device, this is almost impossible.

The Bariatric S-CAPEPOD is permanently placed underneath the mattress. The patient neither sees it, nor feels it. Due to its intuitive design, the patient will be ready for evacuation in about 60 seconds.

Bacteria free
The cloth protects people against the danger of bacteria.

Fire retardant
Produced with fire retardant yarns to ensure fire retardancy.

Fits these mattresses
Width: 100 – 125 centimeter | Maximum length: 216 centimeter
Width: 39″ – 49″ | Maximum length: 85″

Tensile strength
The pulling straps were safely tested up to 5000 kg / 770 st.

Conformitée Européenne & ISO mark
Produced in alliance with the European law and ISO standards.

Weight capacity
300 kg / 660 lbs

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