EvacuB Baby Evacuation Stair Chair

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EvacuB Baby Evacuation Stair Chair

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Evacu-B is a revolutionary product for the safe evacuation of newborns. There is no other device like the Evacu-B in the world. Evacu-B Improves Emergency Plans:

Evacu-B can provide one nurse with the capability of evacuating six babies and glide down a flight of stairs with no bouncing
• The Evacu-B can travel up a flight of stairs (requiring two nurses)
• The newborns are placed in pockets made of a fire retardant and mildew resistant material. Their heads are then secured in adjustable headrests
• If a nurse needs to stop on the stairs, releasing the Reversible Brake Handle will automatically stop the chair on the stairs
• Once safely outside, all six babies can be left inside the Evacu-B

Evacu-B New!

The Evacu-B is a revolutionary product for safe evacuation of newborns and infants. There is no other device like the Evacu-B in the world. For years, whenever we demonstrated our chairs to hospitals the nurses would ask, “What about the babies?” Whether it’s newborns or babies hospitalized for treatment, every hospital in the world evacuates babies the same way. In case of an emergency evacuation the nurse puts on an apron with large pockets in the front that hold 2 or 3 babies. They then proceed to evacuate, hopefully as carefully as possible. There is a constant fear they may trip and fall, causing injury or death to the babies. Once the babies have been evacuated, they have no place to put them. They can’t just lay them on the lawn or in the snow.

Using the Evacu-B one nurse can evacuate six babies up or down stairs. The Evacu-B has an automatic breaking system so even if the nurse should lose her grip while descending the stairs, the Evacu-B will not runaway/slide down the stairs and the babies will not be hurt. In addition, the babies are placed in pockets made of fire-retardant material for protection from heat and debris. Once safely outside, you can leave all 6 babies in the Evacu-B.

“In an emergency evacuation you don’t need to waste time unfolding and sliding sleeves that existing on other evacuation devices. You just take the EVACU B off the wall, drop the tracks and GO! You also have a safe place for the infants when you get outside, in the EVACU B!”





Baby Evacuation Chair

The 6-way Oxygen Supply Manifold

Now available for the EVACU B

We would like to introduce you to the new Oxygen Supply Manifold for the Evacu B. The Oxygen Supply Manifold is a six way O2 splitter that is easy to install and fits securely on all existing models of the EVACU B; supplying oxygen for up to 6 babies. The pressure gauge is placed so that it is visible to the operator when standing at the handle of the Evacu B and looking down. For pricing please inquire with your sales representative.

Contains: One (1) manifold, one (1) 4 foot green O2 hose, one (1) easy to follow installation guide.

It’s Easy to Use: Each large control knob has easy-to-read numbers and a color-coded graduated scale. Each end has a DISS male with a check valve making the connection to the oxygen supply easier.

It’s Durable: The manifold and control valves are made of durable aluminum and manufactured in the USA.