S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress

S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress

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What is the philosophy behind
this device?

When an emergency happens and the people in your charge are confined to a wheelchair or are suffering from reduced mobility, it can be stressful and dangerous if your facility doesn’t have a plan to get them down a few flights of stairs and out of the building. Elevators should not be used during an evacuation.

That’s why we created the S-CAPEPLUS – a comfortable and easy-to-use evacuation mattress that can help you safely remove an immobile individual from a building in case of fire or other event.

Now it’s time for you to meet S-CAPEPLUS evacuation mattress.

Anti bacterial

The cloth protects you against the harmful effects of bacteria.

Fire retardant

Produced with fire retardant cloth to enhance protection.

Weight & size

6 KG – 210 x 60 cm

Tensile strength

The pulling straps were safely tested up to 5000 KG.

Conformitée Européenne mark

Produced in alliance with the European law.

Comfortable and thick foam

Ensuring a safe evacuation without losing comfort.

Weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity is 200 KG / 440 lbs.