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Ski Pad Evacuation


The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation apron that can be used to evacuate up to three babies with a total weight of up to 60 lb in the event of fire, flooding or other emergencies from buildings and danger zones.

In an Emergency the Ski Pad is quickly removed from its wall mountable storage bag.

The patient can then be transferred on to the Ski Pad (this can be performed either from bed/floor/chair).

Place feet within the foot pocket. If pillows are available place these on the individuals leg and chest area (for comfort once strapped in).

Secure the individual in place on the pad using the seat belt style cross straps.

Using the end pulling handles the individual can be moved to a safe area. When going downstairs it is important to pull the individual feet first


The Ski Pad is a two person symmetrical device designed for evacuation where mattress evacuation is not an option due to narrow corridors or staircases. Adjustable cross straps, high quality buckles, pockets at either end for feet or pillows. The pad is made of 2" thick foam with a vinyl base. The Ski Pad is available with add on's such as extra straps and thicker padding. SkiPad is also available in a childrens size, perfect for a PICU evacuation.

Cushioned pad is soft and gentle for patients whom may require special handling. (ie surgical/maternity)  Available by special order in all vinyl, extra straps, pillow head restraint, extra large foot pocket and flaps under straps. DOWNLOADS:

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