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Baby Mover


The BABY MOVER® is a professional evacuation apron that can be used to evacuate up to three babies with a total weight of up to 60 lb in the event of fire, flooding or other emergencies from buildings and danger zones.

Remove the BABYMOVER® from its packaging and hang it up at a place that is quickly and easily accessible in case of emergency

Keep the BABYMOVER® out of the reach of children and animals

If possible, practice the scenario described in section B at least once a month

  • Baby Mover


  • Pull the BABY MOVER® over the head at the opening provided
  • Place one child upright in each pocket provided (maximum 3 children in total)
  • Distribute the children as evenly as possible according to spread the weight
  • Never close a carrying bag completely, because of the risk of suffocation
  • In the case of fire, place the child in the pocket with its face towards your body
  • The BABY MOVER® is made of flame-retardant material. However, make sure that there is no, or as little flammable material as possible, on the BABYMOVER® or in the pockets of the BABY MOVER®.


  • Protect the BABY MOVER® against moisture, heat and strong sunlight
  • Make sure that the pockets are not continually loaded (for example, do not store objects permanently in them)
  • Notice of any defect must be reported to Baby-Mover B.V. immediately, please do not try to repair defects by yourself


  • Baby-Mover B.V. shall not be liable for damage resulting from any other than the intended use or from improper storage of the BABY MOVER®.
  • Baby-Mover B.V. shall not be liable for visible defects, which have not been reported to Baby-Mover B.V. in due time.

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