Buscot Babe Evac for Newborn/Infant Evacuation

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Buscot Babe Evac for Newborn/Infant Evacuation

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The Buscot Babe Evac is for easy safe evacuation of premature and newborn babies in the event of a fire or emergency. The unit can carry up to 3 babies with storage for a small oxygen cylinder on the underside and adjustable carrying straps. Babies can be easily tended to – fed/changed while in device, excellent solution for NICU evacuation.  There is room in the Buscot for diapers/formula/patient charts.  We won’t try to sell you additional racks or storage containers you don’t need.  The Buscot serves as an isolate in a triage or surge area.  One unit, nothing to assemble, no additional storage necessary.


  • Stores flat, open sides and unit is ready for use in 2 seconds
  • Unit can be placed on floor in surge or triage area, babies are safe inside
  • Adjustable cross straps
  • Hands free operation, rescuers can tend to baby or hold stair rail in stair evacuation
  • Center Velcro strap to secure babies
  • Unit is large enough to hold babies, Formula, Diapers and Patient Charts
  • Easy clean after use